SLR Diary: Shout out to bin-buster Marianne Thamm, diplomatic leak star Isabel Oakeshott

- | 4 months ago

South African investigative journalism queen Marianne Thamm apparently went rummaging through bins to find her scoop on the Economic Freedom Fighters.

She produced a fascinating in-depth exploration of the sordid activities of the red berets on a weekend away in Cape Town, based on evidence lurking in black bags. Isabel Oakeshott, a UK political journalist whose work has seen to it that senior politician Chris Huhne was put behind bars for lying about who was speeding in his car, won’t say how she got her hands on the controversial thoughts of US ambassador Sir Kim Darroch – who resigned after it was revealed that he didn’t hold US President Donald Trump in high regard.

Both journalists have come in for major criticism for their exposés, with green-eyed monsters across the journalism world wasting no time in attacking these formidable competitors.

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