Solly Moeng: A decade of false starts and self-enrichment

- | a month ago

In addition to the usual discussions about what has gone wrong, we should expect 2020 to be the year during which several new political formations are established ahead of South Africa’s own version of 'mid-term elections', the 2021 local government elections.

We shall probably see a number of new off-shoots from existing parties, including ones that are set to be started by some known names who left their parties in recent months, some in seemingly choreographed tandems for maximum effect, following unresolved intra-party differences over policy direction and the philosophical misalignment of political egos. Let us not be fooled: political offshoots have been happening ever since the dawn of South Africa’s democracy, when the likes of General Bantubonke Holomisa left the ANC to form the United Democratic Movement with former National Party politician, Roelf Meyer, who subsequently left politics.

Subscribe to Fin24’s newsletter here We also saw Patricia De Lille leaving the Pan Africanist Congress to form the Independent Democrats, which she subsequently led as it began to take in water into the open cargo hold of the Democratic Alliance (DA), at the invitation of Helen Zille.

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