Solly Moeng: Markus, Maimane, and the sinister rite of passage

- | 4 months ago

Many must be disappointed by recent questions surrounding DA leader, Mmusi Maimane’s rented house in Cape Town and the car that he drove.

It doesn’t make any sense that he would have recorded the house in parliament’s register as belonging to him when it didn’t, and kept driving the loaned car, even, it is said, when he would have known that Markus Jooste, the person who reportedly lent it to him, had become reputationally toxic. It is also not helpful that Maimane seems hesitant to publicly reveal how much rent he has been paying for the house whose owner is now known to be a friend of his.

Because he is a leading public figure in the politics of our time, such information is of paramount public interest.

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