Sona debate: Five explosive Malema quotes

- | a week ago

EFF leader Julius Malema took to Parliament's microphone on Tuesday afternoon to present his arguments on President Cyril Ramaphosa's state of the nation address.

Malema touched on some of the key issues such as Eskom, the recent oil and gas discovery as well as free education. Here are five quotes from the statement: Eskom privatisation beneficiaries "You have already started the privatisation of Eskom's power generation because effectively, independent power producers are a privatisation of Eskom.

Your approach to Eskom is going to destroy the power utility, and as people who are going to be here and still active in the next thirty to forty years, we are not going to allow you to destroy Eskom." Oil and gas "You made an announcement here, that Total has made a discovery which you claim will be a game changer.

What you didn't say is that more than 90% of the oil and gas discovery will benefit foreign companies." Land expropriation "You have never believed in the expropriation of land without compensation, and the report which was adopted by this democratic parliament already has said that this fifth parliament must conclude this work.

Your leadership will fail to do so because you're not convinced about the need to take back the land from colonial settlers, the majority of whom are your friends.

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