South Africa 2019: Referendum on Ramaphoria?

- | 4 months ago

Cyril Ramaphosa   By Tony Iyare Pulling Through Its Worst Performance In 25 Years, the African National Congress (ANC) Wins Last Week’s Elections, Underscoring a Full Term for Cyril Ramaphosa in a Pyrrhic Victory that Casts a Slur On Its Reputation, Writes TONY IYARE.

The final tally of the South African election perceived as a referendum on President Cyril Ramaphosa, show the ruling African National Congress (ANC), winning 57. 510f votes cast, its worst performance since the advent of multi-racial election in 1994.

The website of the Electoral Commission revealed that the ANC polled 10,026,047 votes of the 17,668,318 total votes cast, which is less than the 11 million votes won in 2014, underscoring the fact that its popularity is seriously on the wane.

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