South Africa, Criminal Ingratitude and the Nigerian Blood, By Tunji Light Ariyomo

- | 6 months ago

Back to history; I spent my teenage years being a natural part of a collective pan-African youth’s ‘brigade’ against Boer’s institutional segregation against an aboriginal black population and other unsavoury and insufferable policies of apartheid South Africa.

I cannot remember any youth in my day whot was not an organic part of that sympathy brigade. Jude Ndukwe in 2017 eternally described xenophobic attacks by South Africans against Nigerians as “criminal ingratitude” towards and in spite of the epic role played by Nigeria in liberating the country from apartheid.

According to Ndukwe, General Olusegun Obasanjo and each member of his federal cabinet made personal donations to support South Africans.

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