South Africa: DA Terminates Former Tshwane Councillor's Membership for Leaking Info to EFF

"Her membership was terminated for sending DA strategy directly to Julius Malema," said Zille.

She added the decision had been emailed to Molapo and a letter would be hand-delivered to her on Wednesday. In 2018, The Sowetan said the WhatsApp Molapo had sent to Malema was originally lifted from the DA TSH Caucus Networking group, which read: "The ANC will back us in the voting to suspend the CM [city manager] I think and so would the EFF, as I don't think neither have the capacity, will or appetite to run the City before the national election.

" Zille, who dismissed claims the party was making an example of an outspoken young black female, said Molapo had been found guilty of a "very serious" offence.

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