South Africa: EFF NPA - Dogwhistles, Rogue Generals, New Leadership and a Firm Vision of a ...

The EFF emerged from the third day of its gruelling Second National People's Assembly with a newly elected top six leadership which expects members to give birth to themselves, and in so doing, midwife a pan-continental socialist future.

"I am not your father (. ) you must each one become the Malema of your branch", Malema told the fighters Two anecdotes about how the Communist Party of China (CPC) runs the world's second-largest economy recounted separately by EFF leader Julius Malema and outgoing secretary-general, Godrich Gardee, provide some insight into the party's contemporary magpie socialist compass.

The first was a riff by Malema, in relation to a question about the party's position on state-owned enterprises.

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