South Africa: Sanef Fights Intimidation of Journalists in the Equality Court Today

- | 4 months ago

The South African National Editors’ Forum’s (SANEF) court case against the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) starts today in the Pretoria High Court, sitting as the Equality Court.

SANEF and a number of individual journalists have taken the EFF to the Equality Court to argue that the latter has enabled an environment in which intimidation, harassment, threats and/ or assaults on journalists including the individual complainants, in this case, have been tolerated and in fact encouraged, creating a chilling effect on freedom of expression, access to information and freedom of the media in the country. In response the EFF has argued that they do not know – and have no control over – the people responsible for the barrage of online harassment journalists receive daily.

However, SANEF believes this is not correct.

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