South Africa Swears-in Youngest Member of Parliament, Itumeleng Ntsube at Age 20

- | 3 months ago

The South African House of Parliament was in celebration mood and free from its usual loud debates, accusations, and counter-accusations, as the 400 members from 14 political parties who won parliamentary seats at the May General Election took their oath to serve in the Sixth Democratic Parliament.

The swearing-in ceremony was presided over by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. All Africa reported that sitting commenced with the ceremonial procession by the Chief Justice, the Acting Secretary to Parliament and Secretary to the National Assembly, where they were led by the Sergeant-at-Arms into the National Assembly Chamber.

This was followed by the designated MPs, who took their oaths or affirmation - which can be done in any of the 11 official languages of the country.

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