South African opposition parties aim at President Jacob Zuma

- | 2 months ago

JOHANNESBURG (AP) – South Africa‘s two main opposition parties took aim at President Jacob Zuma with one appealing to the highest court to order impeachment proceedings and the other announcing it will launch a vote of no confidence in the president.

The Economic Freedom Fighters party applied to the country‘s highest court to order parliament to begin impeachment proceedings against Zuma for lying to the legislative body. Also on Thursday the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, said it would launch a vote of no confidence in Zuma in parliament.

At the Constitutional Court, the EFF said it filed its case as “a last resort” after parliament, which is dominated by Zuma‘s ruling African National Congress (ANC), had failed in its duty to hold the president accountable, party leader Julius Malema said outside the court in Johannesburg.

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