South Africa's ANC needs just 5 years 'to destroy the economy & the country,' economist warns

- | 2 months ago

Rossouw earlier told the country’s Standing Committee on Finance that Mzansi (an informal name for South Africa) has 23 years left before it all goes to hell in a hand basket. The professor explained that the “exorbitant” cost of ministries is one of the most punishing features of the national budget.

South Africa’s leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF) party has also been calling for the government to eliminate deputy minister positions.It pointed out that a total of 35 people in those positions make up a wage bill of R68,950,000 a year (almost $5 million). Over a five-year term, that would amount to almost R345 million ($25 million) which is just under the total amount President Cyril Ramaphosa released for a stimulus package last September.

Scrapping deputies could end up saving the country the near-equivalent of a domestic bailout, the EEF said.

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