Stop the blame game, Julius Malema

- | 10 months ago

While we wait for the Independent Electoral Commission to tally the votes of what appears, at this stage, to be a fairly clean election, it’s to that gallery of scoundrels – parliament – we must now cast our gaze.

The ANC will undoubtedly once again take the majority as it has since 1994 when, for five minutes, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s rainbow nation thrived. And with the passage of time, accelerated over the past nine years, the removal of the pot of gold by the ruling party at the end of Tutu’s rainbow has left the country at the other end of the rainbow, covered in excrement instead of glory.

“The sixth democratic parliament, which will be established as a result of the forthcoming election, will undoubtedly intensify and enhance the efforts of previous democratic parliaments,” a vomit-inducing statement from parliament declares.

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