Suffer the SA economy while the president dilly-dallies on policy

- | 6 months ago

The thrust of Maimane's question was the mixed messages on policy that the ANC and the government were giving to investors on the issues.

It is not the oppositions' questions that are regrettable, but the vagueness in the responses given to their probing. Following up on the DA leader's question, EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi put it to Ramaphosa that the National Development Plan (NDP) had failed because the target of reducing unemployment to 14% by next year would not be reached.

Ndlozi asked whether it is not time that the ANC-led government abandon the NDP and pursue another path that would place the state at the centre of economic production and control? Ramaphosa didn't offer a cogent response, neither did he rebut the assertion about the failure of the NDP.

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