Taxpayers forking out for arms deal inquiry costs are 'sponsoring their own robbery' - EFF

- | 3 months ago

South Africans must ask why now-retired Judge Willie Seriti, and/or those who appointed him, are not being asked to pay personal costs after the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria set aside the findings of the arms deal commission of inquiry, the EFF said on Wednesday.

"This is because it must be a double insult to expect South African taxpayers, who have already forked out about R150m to pay for the commission, to now also pay for legal costs," the party said in a statement. "This would amount to South African taxpayers sponsoring their own robbery.

"Handing down judgment on Wednesday, Judge President Dunstan Mlambo said that it was clear that the commission had failed to inquire fully into the matters that it had to investigate.

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