The 30 day countdown begins: A look at the 2019 election campaigns

- | 2 weeks ago

PAY ATTENTION: 20 Funny Wedding Memes That Describe Almost Any WeddingMeanwhile, the ANC has also come out guns blazing.

Ramaphosa has been seen doing door to door and has had many PR moments with citizens. Celebrities have also come out to publicly declare their alliance with the ruling party including Mzansi' major rapper AKA.

In a series of tweets, AKA, one of the country’s most influential celebrities, revealed that he would be voting for the ruling party in the upcoming 2019 elections.READ ALSO: Businessman builds new home for a struggling gogo and her son The red berets are planning a total onslaught to bring the ANC down to below 500f support in the elections.

Julius Malema has taken the reigns at the EFF, as was expected. He has been the only face of the party during their election campaign.

The EFF apparently aims to win over the Western Cape, which is under the DA control.

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