The ANC has a section 25 amendment dilemma

- | 3 months ago

The ANC may not need its offshoot, the Economic Freedom Fighters, to make good on its promise to expropriate land without compensation, experts suggest.

According to political analyst Steven Friedman, what appeared to be a step towards a radical amendment of the Constitution last year could actually fizzle down to a window-dressed version of the status quo. Last week’s election garnered results which left the ANC 19 seats weaker in parliament, now occupying 230 seats.

The EFF nearly doubled its power, winning 44 seats and suggesting that with the help of the Red Berets, the ANC could get the two-thirds majority vote it needed to enact its December 2017 resolution to amend section 25 of the Constitution, in order to expropriate land without compensation (EWC).

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