The Concept Of The Global Corruption Value Chain And The 'inquiry On State Of Capture'

- | 5 months ago

Justice Raymond ZondoToday I will share my thoughts on the structural composition and historical design of the international system in order to locate the realities that could potentially undermine Radical Economic Transformation (or RET, the policy position of the African National Congress (ANC)), and even the seven pillars of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

It will also be necessary to juxtapose the agitation for a narrow “state capture” investigation against the international value system, which is inherently corrupt and lopsided in favor of deepening inequalities within countries as well as between developed countries and other parts of the world, with Africa as an area of focus. It is interesting to observe how much the South African society is so entrapped in party politics, the belief that one party is better than the other based on its policy proposals or election manifesto.

My view is that South Africa and our continent are not equipped, or at worst ready, for the game of party politics as it is played out in Europe and North America.

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