The EFF has a theory - ANC 'underground unit' is behind poster sabotage

- | 2 months ago

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters have put forward their theory as to who is behind their vandalized billboard.

The red berets are convinced that the African National Congress is the culprit.Election fever is in full swing and this year it seems defacing political billboards is the new in thing.

No major political party has been spared from the phenomenon with the DA, ANC and, most recently, the EFF all suffering casualties.The EFF has responded to the attack and have issued a statement on who they think is responsible:“The EFF has been reliably informed of an underground unit established by the ANC to target our billboards and vandalise them.

This exposes them as being uninterested as a clean and peaceful campaign driven by democratic principles.”READ ALSO: EFF billboard lastest victim in election season sabotage frenzy The statement continues on to suggest that 'right-wing racist' groups might have joined in:“The EFF is targeted by both the hooligans of the low-self-esteem driven ANC and the fools in right-wing racist formations.

Those who resort to such tactics must ultimately be banned from standing for elections.

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