The EFF is calling for Bosasa to be “expropriated without compensation”

- | 2 months ago

The Economic Freedom Fighters believe they have the solution to the mass retrenchments set to take place at BOSASA- the state must take responsibility for the situation.

The party is now calling for the company to be expropriated without compensation.The Economic Freedom Fighters have issued their official response to the news of the liquidation set to take place at BOSASA - the state must take reported yesterday that the group were set to go into liquidation following the closure of all their bank accounts, after their bank had deemed them a 'reputation risk'.

Nearly 5 000 jobs will now be lost and the EFF is demanding that the government steps in to help clean up a mess they helped create.READ ALSO: African Global announces move to liquidate after bank accounts closedThe party have been the biggest supporters of land expropriation without compensation and would now like to see something along those lines happen with BOSASA's assets.

Not only are they asking the state to absorb the workers, but they are also calling for the assets to be redistributed elsewhere- free of charge:“The EFF calls on all government departments that had contracts with Bosasa to immediately start the process of insourcing all workers who belonged to the company, particularly the security guards. This is the only rational and sensible action the government should engage in.

”According to The South African, the party had also demanded that banks should give Steinhoff-owned companies the same treatment.

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