The elections you shouldn't have been interested in: An analysis by Vincent Maphai

- | 7 months ago

Businessman, academic and political analyst Dr Vincent Maphai did not mince his words when he addressed attendees at The MediaShop’s post-election analysis event, saying from the get go that the 2019 election was the only ones people shouldn’t have been interested in.

[Maphai has just been appointed chairperson of the Sibanye-Stillwater group. ] “They are totally irrelevant in terms of where the country is going,” he added, before clarifying that, “The decision on where the country is going was taken at NASREC, regardless of how the ANC performed or not in the elections… The voters don’t affect seriously what happens in political parties”.

He identified this as a problem of the proportional representation system present in the country, “as politicians are accountable to the party that put them there, not to the people”.

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