The shady deal Eskom made that contributed to the recent load-shedding

- | 6 months ago

- A questionable deal has been uncovered in which a company took software paid for by Eskom, hijacked it and then sold it back to the entity through an even shadier tender- Former Eskom employees now face allegations of cashing in on the R275 million boiler-monitoring software tender- Eskom had used the company responsible up until April 2018 to monitor the performance of their boilersIn recent days, Eskom heads have mentioned that the contract for the system for monitoring their boilers for faults had expired and had not been reinstated.

It has now been uncovered that this had been due to a dodgy deal entered into by the entity, where they had paid for software twice. A company named Carab Technologies had taken software already in place at Eskom, hijacked it and sold it back to the power entity for a whopping R275 million.

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