TOM EATON: The EFF and the art of talking revolution with a mouth full of freebies

- | 5 months ago

When Floyd Shivambu angrily tweeted that the president of SA should “showcase a MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA car” he wasn’t being a hypocrite.

Yes, Shivambu used to drive a BMW and currently drives a Range Rover, but he’s not the president, is he? In fact, he’s never pretended to be anything but the footstool of a tyrant-in-waiting, so really all you can accuse him of is being a fantasist, or, as their friends call them, Honourable Member of Parliament. It all started on Wednesday with a tweet by the presidency, showing Cyril Ramaphosa “test driving” a Nissan Leaf “semi-autonomous drive-assist” car during his visit to Japan.

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