Too few MPs to deal with Shivambu assault complaint – ethics committee

- | 5 months ago

A meeting meant to deal with a complaint of assault lodged against EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, held by parliament’s ethics committee, has been cancelled after it was decided there wouldn’t be enough members of parliament to reach a quorum, Business Day reports.

Shivambu was caught on camera in March last year, engaged in a physical altercation with journalist Adrian de Kock. The matter was meant to be dealt with at an ethics committee meeting, but the committee, chaired by Omie Singh, has released a statement saying they received legal advice that they would need a quorum in order to have the matter considered by parliament.

“Due to the fact that parliament has risen and that MPs are busy with constituency and elections work, the committee was uncertain if it would get the required number of MPs … to reach this quorum to come to parliament to consider the matter,” the statement says.

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