TZANEEN: EFF calls for fees to fall in public schools

- | 2 months ago

“So this suggests that the money is important than a learner being enrolled into university,’ explained Heath Ndlovu, EFF Mopani Sub-region member.

Ndlovu also expressed that anyone should be given the freedom to choose wether they want to pay or not pay the fundraising money, as it is not a must to do so but a matter of wanting to do so. Protesters outsiden The Nkowankowa Circuit offices.

During the march some teachers in the circuits blocked the marchers from going to Magoza and Banana for protests, however the party says they will continue fighting for the rights of the voiceless. The march was not in vain as some of the learners were given their statements and reports when they went back to their schools.

The provincial Department of Education says they don’t have a problem with people exercising their right to protest and will at a later stage respond. “The right to protest is enshrined in the constitution.

As the department, we are yet to study their memorandum to understand their issues afterwhich we shall plot a way forward in as far as each issue is concerned,” explained Sam Makondo, Spokesman of the Limpopo Department of Education.

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