TZANEEN: The right way to go about advertising political parties

- | a month ago

The town was painted red in light of the upcoming elections. The EFF recently put up posters of their party all over Tzaneen in areas that left the town looking completely red.

After having gotten word about how the political party had gone about placing their campaign boards, the LETABA HERALD took to the streets to get a glimpse of how the town looks. Some of the posters put up under bridges in Tzaneen. The HERALD spoke to the IEC spokesperson, Nkaro Mateta, regarding the rules around posting up the campaign boards.

“Political parties can advertise anywhere based on the municipalities in the area. They have to be assigned spaces where they do not obstruct any important signs and an example of such would be to not put up their posters where there are important road signs,” said Mateta.

Africa’s ANC gears up for election under new leader Campaign posters put up under a bridge on your way into Tzaneen from Modjadjiskloof and Polokwane. Contact was also made to the spokesperson of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Neville Ndlala, to try and find out what the regulations are from the municipality. “Given that it is election time, we have relaxed by-laws as instructed by SALGA.

However, no posters can be put up on concrete structures, stop signs, robots or anywhere that would cause the blocking of road traffic signs,” said Ndlala.

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