Ugandan cartoonist says Malema is poking a leopard's anus

- | 3 months ago

A cartoonist in Uganda has apparently warned Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema against “poking a leopard’s anus” following his remarks supporting Ugandan politician Bobi Wine, who was recently quoted as saying he was “seriously considering” running for president.

The EFF leader said Wine was a “brother to us” and an inspiration because had decided to “stand up” and challenge Museveni. “Bobi Wine is an inspiration, he’s like Nelson Chamisa.

The ability of the young to stand up is an inspiration to us. Bobi Wine is a brother to us.

We want him to fight more and he must never be discouraged by the old man,” said Malema. The EFF leader used the same speech to lambast the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, who can run for a sixth term following a court ruling, saying it was time he rested his “oversized suits”.

He encouraged Wine to keep fighting, as age was “on his side”, unlike Museveni who is supposedly next in line to be “dealt with by nature” (die).

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