VIDEO: Even Julius Malema His Own Fake Mugabe Corpse, And Leo Said Family Has Another ...

- | 5 months ago

Even Julius Malema has his own Mugabe corpse replica(video with G40 kingpins), and Leo Mugabe announced on LIVE video that at the HeroesAcre govt will bury something else, not the body, meaning the Gushungo family has another fake body = 3 corpses.

So, which one will ED be given?— ZimEye (@ZimEye) September 25, 2019 Even Julius Malema Has A Fake Mugabe Corpse, And Leo Mugabe Said The Family Has Another Counterfeit One To Give Govt At Heroes Acre, Meaning There Are 3 Zvitunhas | WHICH ONE IS ED BEING GIVEN?.

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