'Violent, child-like' EFF threatens ANC chief whip that 'you are next' to be slapped


- news24.com | 2 months ago

EFF MPs did not take kindly to ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu's criticism of a slapping incident at Parliament involving one of their MPs, and warned Mthembu that he could be next.

Mthembu was referring to the incident on Thursday when EFF MP Marshall Dlamini was seen slapping a police officer after the State of the Nation Address (SONA).READ: 2 assault charges laid against EFF MP after SONA klapOpening the debate on the SONA on Tuesday afternoon, Mthembu said the ANC was the only truly democratic party in South Africa.

"The irony of a party which refers to itself as the Democratic Alliance, repeatedly silencing vocal black women is indicative of their true nature – which is a white male-dominated party only concerned with protecting and entrenching white privilege," Mthembu said. "The DA fronts black faces to pursue the agenda of the white privileged minority to the detriment of the black majority.

" DA MPs groaned.He said the common denominator between the DA and "their alliance partner the EFF", was that both were male dominated.

 "The EFF is a two-men dictatorship where you are fired without due process for merely disagreeing with the dictatorship of the two," he said.

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