Voting occasionally vs constant monitoring of state accountability

- | 7 months ago

Posturing, polls and predictions have inundated us in the lead up to election day on May 8.

Will the ANC drop below 55%? What will that mean for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ability to “clean up”? Can the DA hold on to the Western Cape, or the ANC to Gauteng? Are we about to see an era of ANC-EFF coalitions and that does that mean that president Julius Malema is just around the corner? How will the markets and the ratings agencies respond?  And with that comes the endless agonising, in private and on all media: you should vote for the DA because the government needs a strong opposition; hold your nose and vote for the ANC because Ramaphosa needs a strong mandate; or what about Ace Magashule’s African Transfomation Movement (ATM) party? A very appropriate name, until someone else stole it from him. How do we even find out about what the parties stand for.

I was surprised that the only place I could find an almost comprehensive list of party manifestos was on the Social Surveys Africa website.

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