Was march to free Kanya Cekeshe a front for EFF power struggle?


- bignewsnetwork.com | 4 months ago

4th December 2019, 17:10 GMT+11The organisers of a recent march to highlight the plight of student activist Kanya Cekeshe have denied claims they were using his name to fight EFF battles.

This ahead of the party's second National People's Assembly (NPA) set to take place next week. Cekeshe was sentenced to five years behind bars in 2017 for public violence and malicious damage to property after he admitted to setting a police vehicle on fire during a #FeesMustFall protest.

The student protests, which swept the country, were to demand free higher education, the decolonisation of the curriculum and an end to the financial exclusion at South Africa's tertiary institutions.

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