WATCH: EFF reacts to load shedding with comedy as Gordhan stars in Joshua Doore parody video

- | 3 months ago

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) shared a video on Thursday showcasing what appears to be their little known musical comedy skills.

The video, which lampoons the minister of public enterprises to the tune of a 1980s Joshua Doore advert – has since been retweeted thousands of times. “Joshua Doore” is a nickname – presumably intended to be insulting – the EFF gave Gordhan some time ago due to his resemblance to the balding, avuncular cartoon character which was the mascot and logo of a furniture chain which no longer exists but is remembered by many South Africans.

The song featured in the video changes the lyrics of the chain’s iconic 1980s advert to mock Gordhan, with the tune’s composer also managing to take a swipe at the president – adding “and Cyril” after declaring Pravin your “uncle in the load shedding business”.

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