WATCH: Lechesa Tsenoli scores own goal against EFF MP in parliament

- | 6 months ago

Deputy speaker in the National Assembly Lechesa Tsenoli was involved in a war of words with EFF MP Khonziwe Hlonyana over the word “anarchist”, which was used to describe the red berets in parliament on Tuesday.

Hlonyana stood up on a point of order and asked Tsenoli to call on Freedom Front+ MP Wouter Wessels to withdraw the word “anarchist”, which he had used to describe the EFF, a request he immediately turned down. Wessels used the word to slam the EFF following a video of Eckhard Binding picking up litter and putting it in a trash bin, only for two waiting female EFF members to throw it back on the ground.

He said: “There are parties in this house that are only seeking anarchy, violence, and who are not interested in building a better South Africa for all.

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