WATCH LIVE | Nhlanhla Nene testifies at state capture inquiry

- | 5 months ago

Meanwhile, lawyers representing public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan at the state capture inquiry have argued that time and money should not be wasted on "consoling" axed SA Revenue Service (Sars) boss Tom Moyane's feelings by allowing him to cross-examine the minister.

In a legal to-and-fro between Moyane and Gordhan at the inquiry on Wednesday, Gordhan's lawyer, Michelle le Roux, argued that issues canvassed in Moyane's application to cross-examine her client had already been dealt with by retired judge Robert Nugent in his investigation into tax and governance issues at the revenue collector. Moyane's lawyer, Dali Mpofu, meanwhile, spoke of Gordhan's role in establishing the controversial high-risk investigations unit, dubbed the "rogue unit", which Nugent found to be a legal body.

 Mpofu also alleged that Gordhan was racist towards Moyane and referred to a phone call in which Gordhan allegedly told Moyane to "grow up".

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