'We need fresh ideas': Dali Mpofu would be 'surprised' if Julius Malema stands as EFF leader ...


- news24.com | 7 months ago

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) chairperson Dali Mpofu says he would be surprised if Julius Malema stood for another term as party leader beyond the upcoming one.

Mpofu, in conversation with Power FM on Monday, said Malema could be re-elected for a final term at the party's upcoming elective conference in December, but didn't foresee him seeking another term "after that". Responding to a question from a caller, Mpofu said: "As far as the conference is concerned, look, nobody is coming back, there's no coming back.

"Our term ends in December and it's up to the delegates at that conference who will decide which leader they want, and if that means someone comes back, someone comes back.

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