Where seeds of hate are sown


- goexpress.co.za | a month ago

You see, Tarrant wasn’t created in a vaccum. Like all human beings, he is a product of some combination of nature and environment.

While we will never know what he was truly thinking that fateful day, we can try and glean some idea as to what set him on this dark path. As is the vogue with spree killers nowadays, Tarrant posted a manifesto before he committed his massacre. It contains the usual right-wing nonsense – white genocide is real, immigrants are evil, Muslims want to kill us all, etc.

– along with some obscure internet references that will only be familiar to those unlucky few who are deep into online chat culture. What’s really interesting is the people Tarrant cites as inspiration. One of Tarrant’s biggest inspirations is none other than current US president Donald Trump, who he calls “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”.

This is not a coincidence. Trump has become infamous for his blatant bigotry towards minorities and his love of violent dictators. The foundation of his original presidential campaign was a racist conspiracy about Mexican immigrants and a desire to construct a giant wall across the southern border to keep out people who he referred to as “drug dealers and rapists”.

One of his first acts as US president was the illegal implementation of an immigrant ban barring people from Muslim-majority nations from entering the country.

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