White Christmas horror


- wnd.com | 4 months ago

There is no end to the racial hate and violence in South Africa, even though the hated policy of apartheid officially ended in 1994. At that time, it was thought there would be peace between blacks and whites in that beautiful country. South Africa has been in political turmoil ever since apartheid ended and the antagonism between the races is reaching another boiling point. Now its come down to “Your time is up, white people” – spoken by Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi, a politician from the group, Economic Freedom Fighters.

She says those against the land grabs are “beneficiaries of racism.” An implicit threat is there, and many echo it. I visited that country a number of years ago and had the opportunity to talk with white South Africans.

They were average people, businessmen and farmers. Every single one of them said their families had been targeted and attacked because they were white. Their concern was that the top black politicians were communists and their goal was not racial peace, but retribution against all whites.

Their fears were mirrored in the ongoing vicious murders of white farmers – men and woman and often children, plus the destruction of their properties and farm animals. The deaths weren’t “just” killings. They were deaths after gruesome torture and abuse; and yet the government worked hard to ignore them and play down any inference that there was a concerted effort targeting white farmers.

The government of Jacob Zuma was riddled with corruption.

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