'White commercial farmers are here to stay' - David Mabuza


- news24.com | a month ago

But Mabuza wasn't convinced."We insist and we continue to say the land reform programme poses no threat to the economic sector.

"DA MP Annette Steyn asked when the 4 200 farms owned by the government would be put into production, and if he could provide a list of people who would be beneficiaries of these farms.Mabuza said the audit of government-owned land would be completed by April. He said young people and woman who wanted to farm would get these "land parcels", and that a list would be made public.

Later, in an answer to another question, Mabuza reiterated that the government would always discourage "land invasions".'It's land occupations!" EFF MP Nazier Paulsen interjected: "The land was invaded in 1652."Mabuza continued, saying he was aware that the EFF was encouraging people to occupy land.

'You’re a public representative!'Paulsen, one of only four EFF MPs in attendance (they have 25 seats in the National Assembly), jumped up and bellowed: "They must continue to occupy land!"Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli told him to sit down. "You’re a public representative!" an exasperated Tsenoli added.Mabuza said he was happy with the constitutional review process.

"But let us not do anything outside the law, because this encourages anarchy.

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