White farmer helps EFF after North West car crash leaves one dead, one injured


- citizen.co.za | 3 weeks ago

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) North West secretary Papiki Babuile has confirmed that party member Elizabeth Masemola lost her life after a car accident on Sunday. Another EFF member was badly injured.

“The car was travelling from Moretele to an EFF rally. It was around noon on Sunday. The car lost control.

The first car was in front. The second car that was coming from the back lost control and overturned. Nine people were involved, one was seriously injured and another passed away,” Babuile said.

He added that he arrived at the accident half an hour later, waiting for the ambulance to arrive and assisting those injured. The incident has been doing the rounds on social media, with posts highlighting the fact that white farmers are believed to have helped after the crash. READ MORE: Declare road accidents a crisis, says EFF “It is true that there was one white farmer who came to the scene immediately and we really want to thank him,” Babuile said.

While one social media post highlighted this in a positive way, writing “we’re better together”, some had a less generous interpretation, with one of the EFF’s detractors tweeting that if white farmers helped it “can hurt the EFF campaign of hate against white people” and another tweeting that the incident shows South Africa to be a strange place.

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