Why EFF MP Naledi Chirwa's maiden Sona speech won the hearts of South Africans

Student activist and newly elected EFF MP Naledi Chirwa's maiden speech during the Sona debate on Tuesday struck a cord with many South Africans who praised her fearlessness in speaking out on the plight of black people.

Corrective rape, the murder of Fees Must Fall activists, women abuse and landlessness were among the burning issues Chirwa addressed. While Chirwa's fiery address was found by many to be reflective of society, ANC House whip Bheki Radebe did not share this view and asked that Chirwa withdraw her remarks on the murder of Fees Must Fall activists on the grounds that they were unparliamentary.

The EFF leadership's attempts to keep Chirwa from withdrawing her remarks, on the basis that a maiden speech cannot be interrupted, were futile.

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