Writing the Election 2019: There should be no place for paramilitary groups in a democratic society


- dailymaverick.co.za | 5 months ago

As things stand, the country has at least three militarised forces, the South African National Defence Force; the ruling-party’s “military wing”, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), and more recently the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) showed up with their own paramilitary group.

And then there is the great mystery that Daily Maverick wrote about almost four years ago: What happened to the violent factions, especially in kwaZulu Natal, that came so close to plunging the country into civil war during the early 1990s? Will they return at some point in the future? What we do know is that political killings have been ongoing in the province. There has been insufficient coverage of the facts, and even less about the significance of these facts.

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