Xenophobic attacks: Multinational companies MTN, Shoprite make huge losses as world ...


- eagle.co.ug | 3 months ago

South African domiciled multinational companies MTN and SHOPRITE are counting losses in Nigeria and Zambia after the nationals in the two countries set their outlets and installations ablaze in revenge for the attack and killing of foreigners in South Africa by black citizens in xenophobic attacks that have shaken Africa and the world at large.

With little to no involvement coming from the government and its respective security bodies; Nigerians and several African states have decided to take matters into their own hands by burning and looting MTN and Shoprite branches in several countries as well as  blocking South African drivers from crossing their borders. This was sparked by footage coming in from South Africa that shows a state that is in dire need of an emergency as shops, homes and vehicles belonging to foreigners were broken into, looted and destroyed.

More recent images of live humans engulfed in fueled infernos and others hacked to death have sparked outrage from the rest of Africa with the African Union and a number of celebrities and public figures coming out to condemn the Government of South Africa and the heinous acts of its citizens.

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