You'll Enjoy Zapiro's Latest Take On The EFF's SONA Assault [Image]

- | 2 months ago

When Julius Malema emerged from the halls of Parliament, following the completion of President Ramaphosa’s SONA speech, he looked rather unflustered.

In fact, as you can see from that picture above, he was beaming ear to ear. At the time, the waiting media didn’t know what had gone on inside Parliament, with EFF MP Marshall Dlamini slapping a police officer, the klap heard around the country.

Once that footage spread, the EFF thugs were on the back foot, and they were scrambling for some way to justify their actions, with the officer laying charges against Dlamini. Enter an early contender for 2019 Excuse of the Year, which involved the EFF saying that they had caught wind of a right-wing “planned assassination” on Malema, leading to the attack on the parliament security officer in “necessary self-defence”.

The EFF said that members of the police were involved in the plot, accusing them of being hired to assassinate Malema, ostensibly because of his stance on land expropriation without compensation. I’ll have some of what they’re smoking.

For real, though – if you missed this one, have a look:.

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