Youth find political clout on new tech platform

- | a month ago

Mpofu-Walsh decided to be a tech trendsetter by launching the WhatsApp channel. His aim is to get all young social media users to engage with his #SMWX show.

The limitless number of people one can interact with on the app is one of the reasons he opted to initiate it. Already, many conversations have taken place. Mpofu-Walsh, who holds an MPhil and is studying towards his PhD through Oxford University, said part of the reason he took this platform to WhatsApp is that “it is the most accessible platform for young South Africans across the country”.

“You look at the other social media channels: there is always a limit to the number of people you can reach. But WhatsApp is the most widespread tech channel.”#SMWX has been launched to appeal to the youth and include them more in the political space, especially in narratives about the upcoming elections.

It is not a WhatsApp group that will baffle you with endless text coming through. The channel is easy to navigate and allows subscribers to choose from a number of options, including interviews with political analysts and authors, and music videos dealing with political issues. Mpofu-Walsh takes an inclusive approach to politics in that he also tackles socioeconomic issues affecting the youth.

“The real reason we started this is because we felt that from all perspectives – no matter what party you support, no matter where you are in society – young people’s voices are not taken seriously, and that is because we are always on the outside looking in, begging for people in power to take us seriously.

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