Zakes Mda dismisses Mngxitama as 'total failure' who turns 'everything to mud'

- | 6 months ago

In a twar on Saturday occasioned by a debate about EFF leader Julius Malema flying business class, award-winning writer Zakes Mda dismissed Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama as a “failed politician”.

Mngxitama then responded with a long letter in response in which he calls Mda an “overrated dim-witted man of letters”, and even denied being a politician, despite leading a party that had contested national and provincial elections. Mda had earlier defended Malema’s choice to fly business class, contending that one need not be poor, or act poor, oneself, to help the poor.

 He said the well-off should work to uplift the poor to their level of prosperity.

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