Zanu PF brands Malema 'puppet of colonisers' over Mnangagwa criticism

- | 5 months ago

HARARE – Zanu PF has branded Julius Malema a “puppet of colonisers” after the South African opposition leader criticised the Zimbabwe government for “tormenting” former President Robert Mugabe, who died on September 6.

Zanu PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo said Zimbabwe’s ruling party found Malema’s comments “reprehensible”, accusing him of using Mugabe’s death “to spew political propaganda and score cheap political mileage. “While the late Cde Mugabe had always been the national, regional, continental and global esteemed revolutionary icon who relentlessly fought the machinations of the oppressors, it is sad to have a puppet of the same colonisers Cde RG Mugabe fought now in the form of Mr Malema,” Khaya Moyo said in a statement on Tuesday.

Malema, who leads the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), visited Zimbabwe on Monday to pay condolences to the Mugabe family.

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