Zapiro's 'House Of Cards' Cartoon Nails Malema And Shivambu

- | 3 months ago

HomeCompetitions2ov RadioPlay Radio NowRadio ShowsRadio Podcasts2ov MediaSeth RotherhamZapiro’s ‘House Of Cards’ Cartoon Nails Malema And Shivambu October 17, 2019 by Jasmine Stone[imagesource: Esa Alexander / Sunday Times]It’s tough being a member of the EFF.

There you are, just trying to live it up with your Range Rover and Gucci and Louis Vuitton and other brands of the common people, and these pesky investigative journalists won’t stop exposing your hypocrisy. Julius Malema has had his fair share of tussles with the Daily Maverick’s Pauli van Wyk, as has Floyd Shivambu, and then there’s also the small matter of being called a “p*es”.

Well, if it walks like one, talks like on, and plunders VBS Bank like one…The most damning evidence of Malema and Shivambu squandering the money of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens remains the bank cards that were in their possession.

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