Zille: The race to the bottom


- businesslive.co.za | 3 months ago

There’s an argument to be made that the DA’s Helen Zille is a greater threat to our democracy than EFF leader Julius Malema.

He, at least, is upfront about his prejudices, and doesn’t cloak them in the guise of "centre-left-leaning" philosophy. And while Malema is presiding over the conscious marginalisation of the EFF into a populist party, Zille is blithely devolving what used to be a fairly credible opposition party into a foil for the stunted ideologies of the edgelords of the reactionary right.

It’s irksome to waste column inches on Zille, especially as this means we’re giving those alt-right remoras that feed off the scraps of the faecal ideas she scatters on Twitter the amplification they desire.

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