Zimbabwe Got Its Independence Through The Gun While South Africa Negotiated, Julius Malema


- zimeye.net | 2 months ago

The EFF leader expressed the view that if sanctions are lifted in Zimbabwe their country will become more prosperous than SA.

Julius Malema At a memorial service held on Thursday afternoon at Orlando East Communal Hall by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for founding Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, the EFF leader expressed the view that while Mugabe delivered freedom to his people through the “barrel of a gun”, South Africa’s majority are still not in charge of their country. “You can say whatever nonsense you want to say about them but their [freedom] through a barrel of the gun.

Yours was negotiated and that is why you can’t move from the sunset clauses,” he said, referring to clauses that the ANC accepted from the apartheid government during the Codessa negotiation process that preceded the transition to democracy, which are considered controversial to some.

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