Zuma vs Hanekom: 'Known enemy agent' phrase taken out of context, ex-president's team argues


- news24.com | 3 months ago

The legal team for former president Jacob Zuma has called on the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg to consider vital aspects of context in his defamation matter with former tourism minister Derek Hanekom.

Judge Dhaya Pillay on Tuesday reserved judgment in Zuma's bid for leave to appeal an order that he apologise to Hanekom for a tweet where he called him a "known enemy agent". Zuma was also ordered to remove the tweet and to pay damages, the figure of which has yet to be determined, News24 reported.

On Tuesday, advocate Thabani Masuku, for Zuma, said that the former head of state's tweet had been taken out of context.

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